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Gun Cleaning Kits

XF-7 Gun Grease

XF-7 is a high quality waterproof grease with extraordinary lubrication and corrosion capabilities.  XF-7 Gun Cleaning Kits provide all you need for proper firearm maintenance and lubrication

XF-7 Tac-Pak gun cleaning kit

XF-7 Tac-Pak

    XF-7 Gun Cleaning Kits

    • 100% Waterproof
    • Protection -30° to 500° continuous
    • Contains NO Teflon
    • O-Ring Friendly

    XF-7 University Will provide you with all the necessary videos and instructions to properly lubricate, clean, and maintain your firearms.

     XF-7 Gun Cleaning

    •  XF-7 gun grease Requires a VERY thin layer to be effective
    • XF-7 Gun Lube does not attract dust or dirt
    • XF-7 gun grease has far greater heat resistance 500° continous
    • XF-7 gun lubrication makes cleaning the weapon a much quicker and simpler task
    • XF-7 gun grease IS 100% WATERPROOF fresh and salt water
    • XF-7 gun grease will withstand low temperatures to -30°
    • Easy clean up. Carbon will not adhere to the firearm
    • Read why XF-7 Grease is better than gun oil
    XF-7 Spray Grease

    XF-7 Spray Grease

    XF-7 Spray Grease is a unique Blend of the original XF-7 Gel grease that sprays onto your firearm that quickly dries to a thin layer of the same gel grease.  Any part of your firearm coated with the XF-7 will not allow carbon to adhere to the weapon.

    XF-7 Gel Grease

    XF-7 Gel Grease

    The XF-7 Gel Grease is a waterproof Non-Toxic Grease that provides exterme heat tolerance, superior corrosion inhibition, excellent lubrication, and supreme protection for all your firearms. Use the Gel on hinging actions on your firearms

    XF-7 Tac-Pak GHun Cleaning Kit

    XF-7 Tac-Pak

    XF-7 Tac-Pak provides everything you need for complete firearm maintenance. The kit includes the XF-7 Spray, Bore Cleaner, Gel, Bore Snake of your choice, and Super Swipes.

    XF-7 Bore Cleaner

    XF-7 Bore Cleaner

    XF-7 Bore Cleaner is a Non-Toxic cleaner for your barrel.  The superior cleaning capabilities along with the low odor make the XF-7 bore cleaner hard to beat.

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    Tac-Pak Gun Cleaning Kit


    : $180.00

    XF-7 Tak-Pac – Gun Cleaning Kit

    •  XF-7 Tac-Pak Includes Everything You Need For Gun Maintenance and Lubrication
    • The Pack Includes Extra Storage And MOLLE straps to attach to your gear.
    • Choose from our Original Formula or the Hunters Blend.
    • The Tac-Pak gun cleaning kit Includes
    • Molle Bag
    • XF-7 4oz Liquid Spray. Original or Hunters Blend
    • XF-7 Bore Cleaner
    • XF-7 Syringe
    • Tapered Dispensing Tip
    • XF-7 Super Swipes
    • Bore Snake, Your Choice Of Caliber
    • Additional Swipe Sets Available

    Everyday People Using XF-7

    The examples below are simply everyday people who use XF-7 for their firearm maintenance. 

    Colton Card

    Colton Card

    Inaugural Open Palymra, PA

    Dvorak Industries

    Dvorak Industries

    Air Recoil Systems

    Eric Boettcher

    Eric Boettcher

    Survival Instructor

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