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XF-7 Gun Grease

XF-7 is a high quality waterproof grease with extraordinary lubrication and corrosion capabilities.  XF-7 Gun Cleaning Kits provide all you need for proper firearm maintenance and lubrication

 Gun Lubrication: Grease Vs Oil

One of the most common arguments in the firearm community is whether Gun Lubrication: grease vs oil is best for lubricating your guns. Because gun lubrication is vital to ensuring that your firearm performs efficiently and for protection against wear and corrosion, it’s not something that should be overlooked. There are some noticeable differences and pros and cons to using grease vs. oil. Both grease and oil can be made of different ingredients. Not all lubricants are made the same, so it ultimately come down to personal preference. Different compositions may work better for you, so taking the time to look up the difference is key.

What’s the Difference?

Viscosity is the main difference between grease vs. oil for gun lubrication. Gun oils generally have a lower viscosity, meaning they are thinner and more prone to running and dripping. Grease has a higher viscosity, meaning it’s thicker in consistency, almost more like a gel. When it’s applied to the action it remains longer than oil would. This leaves your firearm protected long after other oil-based lubricants have evaporated or burnt off your actions. XF7 Spray grease has revolutionized the gun industry with an easy-to-apply, spray-on grease that covers all essential parts without the possibility of over application. Below we’ll consider their differences across four different categories.

Wear Prevention: Grease vs Oil

Preventing premature wear is vital for the life and longevity of your firearm. Keeping your firearm properly lubricated can really help to prevent wear over time. While oil can help with this, grease is superior when it comes to wear prevention. Because grease is thicker, withstands higher temperatures, and will not burn off, it will remain on the action longer than oil to prevent your firearm from galling and keeps your action operating smoothly.


One thing many may not consider is evaporation. Having to lubricate your gun more often can become a chore. It’s important to remember that oils tend to dry out and evaporate over time. Oils need more frequent application to protect your firearm. On the other hand, grease doesn’t evaporate and will remain on your firearm.

Corrosion Protection

There may be some that believe that oil is a better lubricant. However, when it comes to protection, grease is almost always the better choice.  Because it’s much thicker, it remains on your firearm long after oil would have disappeared. Even brief exposure to raw, untreated metal can cause rusting to begin, so guns should always have a protective coating on their metal parts.  Greases like XF-7 are made to provide long-term corrosion protection. This is especially true if your firearm tends to stay in storage for long periods, remaining untouched. Making sure that it is properly greased before storage will ensure protection.  If you find yourself in harsh environments, especially around water (salt or fresh), ensure that you use a grease, like XF-7, that is 100% waterproof and tested for protection during water immersion. If your goal is to prevent corrosion, make sure you’re using a high-quality grease to protect your firearm.

Temperature Stability

If you live or tend to be in warmer climates and have used oil, you may have noticed that it doesn’t stay in place when it’s hot out or when stored in hot conditions. That’s because heat makes oil run. When guns are stored in a safe or even in a holster, heat will cause the oil to run to the lowest spot, exposing the areas no longer covered in oil. One of the most significant upsides to grease is its resistance to extreme conditions. XF-7 gun grease is resistant to heat up to 500° continuous. It will not run, drip, or melt when heated, so you can be sure that it will stay exactly where you applied it.

In the end, the grease vs. oil debate is a matter of personal preference, and many people disagree on this topic. If you have concerns about corrosion or wear, grease is the all-around better choice. If those aren’t essential aspects of your firearm lubrication, oil can be considered. Otherwise, grease will ensure your gun’s performance and longevity.