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XF-7 Gun Grease

XF-7 is a high quality waterproof grease with extraordinary lubrication and corrosion capabilities.  XF-7 Gun Cleaning Kits provide all you need for proper firearm maintenance and lubrication


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: $75.00

XF-7 Bore Cleaner and Spray Grease

Best Of Both Worlds in this convenient combo pack. This Pack includes the XF-7 Spray Grease and the XF-7 Bore Cleaner.

  • 100% Waterproof
  • Long Term Corrosion Protection
  • O-ring Friendly
  • No Need to re-oil after cleaning barrel
  • Extreme Temperature Range -30° to 500° continuous protection

The XF-7 Bore Cleaner will rip through carbon like it is non existent. The superior cleaning will leave your bore cleaner than ever. The AntiCorrosive properties allows you to leave the XF-7 in your barrel after cleaning to provide you with corrosion protection, It will even remove light rust. No need to re-oil the barrel after cleaning. The non-toxic malodorous formula allows indoor use with no health risks

The Large 4oz spray grease is for the serious shooters. This Bottle will last many applications due to the small amount that is needed to protect and lubricate. Our XF-7 spray grease is a unique grease product that when sprayed on the firearm and left to air dry it will leave a thin layer of grease to protect your firearm and make cleaning simple.

  • XF-7 is a truly water proof grease with extraordinary powers of lubrication and corrosion inhibition. 
  • Formulated specifically for use on modern weapons in adverse conditions of high temperature fresh and salt-water immersion and high cyclic rates. 
  • XF-7 provides continuous protection up to 500 degrees F and Short-term protection up to 600 degrees F 
  •  XF-7 will not run, drip or melt even when heated. Long after conventional oil or grease has melted and or boiled off, XF-7 is still right where you put it, lubricating and protecting your weapon for corrosion. 
  • XF-7 has been undergoing exhaustive field trials in Iraq, Afghanistan, Arizona, and the Artic. All trials have met with overwhelming success. 
  • XF-7 works in the widest range of temperatures and climates of any weapon grade lubricant currently available. XF-7 DOES NOT WASH OFF IN SALT WATER. Ideal for weapons used in marine environments. 
  • XF-7 has been used with total success on AR15/M16/M4 type weapons, .50 cal M2 Browning, HK91, FAL, SKS, AK, 1911A1, Beretta 92/M9, SIG 226, Rem 700, Winchester Mod. 70, and numerous other weapon systems. 
  • XF-7 contains no Teflon, so no hydrofluoric acid is created if it burns off, as happens with Teflon/PFTE lubes.
  •  XF-7 is clear amber, non-staining, non-toxic, and O-ring friendly. 
  • XF-7 will not attack rubber or polymers. 
  • XF-7 will not damage common firearm's finishes or other metal finishes. XF-7 cuts time spent gun cleaning, because it will not char or carbonize on metal surfaces. Most powder fouling wipes right off.


6 reviews for BORE COMBO PACK

  1. Michael B

    I took a chance and picked this up at a Gun show. To date this is all that is use. These are the greatest products and greatest customer service. Highly recommended.

  2. John F

    This is the very best product on the market. The new dropper cap is perfect..better than the spray applicator.If your looking for something that will simply destroy corrosive ammo residue and strip carbon residue of slower burn rate powders…don’t look any further.

  3. Ralph P

    My son introduced me to the XF-7 combo and I loved it. It’s an awesome product…thank you!

  4. Thomas B

    XF-7 came highly recommended to me by my great friend Bubba. I have used it several times and it is the best gun grease and lubricant out there. XF-7 keeps my guns running perfectly without a hitch. XF-7 is the only gun grease I will use on my guns.

  5. FS

    Love this stuff. I would never change to any other cleaner from here on out. I’ve used it for over a year and never had any issues. Bonus, doesn’t have that crazy cleaner smell to it.

  6. Patrick W

    I bought my first order of XF-7 cleaner, lube and grease at a gun show. WOW I accidently froze the stuff. I was advised by the staff ” no harm done.” I used it liked it and ordered more. I found that I left my favorite muzzle loader uncleaned between seasons. What a mess. I cleaned with hot soapy water, dried it and cleaned with XF-7 bore cleaner followed by the gun lube. the bore is like new. This is good stuff. Oh it’s great on modern guns too.

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