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XF-7 Gun Grease

XF-7 is a high quality waterproof grease with extraordinary lubrication and corrosion capabilities.  XF-7 Gun Cleaning Kits provide all you need for proper firearm maintenance and lubrication

XF-7 3 Pack

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XF-7 Gun Cleaning and Lubrication

The XF-7 3 pack includes the Spray Grease, Gel grease, and Gun Bore Cleaner.  The XF-7 products provide lubrication and protection for your firearm.  The Spray Grease is an easy to apply Spray on Lubrication, The XF-7 Gel will cover the hinged areas on your firearms.  The Bore Cleaner makes gun cleaning easier.

XF-7 3 Pack Gun Cleaner

The XF-7 spray grease gun lubrication is a spray on lubrication, protector, and preservative.  It is not a cleaner, however when applied properly, you do not need one. The grease is easy to apply, simply spray it on and let it air dry. Do no rub it or or spread it around, simply let it air dry.  This grease will withstand temperatures from -30° to 500° continuously.  It does not burn, run, drip, or melt, this leaves your firearm protected the entire time you are shooting.  XF-7 grease is waterproof and will not wash off in fresh or salt water.  Long term corrosion protection is also a feature. The XF-7 gun cleaner will not allow your firearms to rust or corrode.  It will not dry out like traditional greases will, or evaporate like conventional gun oils.

XF-7 Gel Grease

The XF-7 Gel grease is the same as the spray but thicker and is applied to anywhere you would use a traditional grease.  Think Hinging motions, Break barrel shotguns, lever action rifles, hammers, triggers, bolt lugs, and more.

Wherever there is XF-7 applied to your firearm a gun cleaner is not needed as the thin layer of grease applied with the spray will not allow carbon to adhere to the gun.  Simply wipe off the carbon with a dry clean cloth.  No gun cleaner needs to be applied to the gun except for inside the barrel.  That is where the bore cleaner come into play.  The XF-7 bore cleaner does not stink and is non-toxic allowing it to be used indoors with no health risks.  The Anti-corrosive properties allow the XF-7 bore cleaner to be left in the barrel after cleaning. There is no need to wipe out or re-oil the barrel.


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XF-7 3 Pack

1 review for XF-7 3 Pack

  1. Charles white (verified owner)

    Love the product,I have an Ar with over a thousand rounds through it, and Xf-7 keeps it looking like it just came out of the box both internally and externally! The bore cleaner is just as aggressive as shooters choice, without all the mess and risk of damage!

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