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XF-7 Gun Grease

XF-7 is a high quality waterproof grease with extraordinary lubrication and corrosion capabilities.  XF-7 Gun Cleaning Kits provide all you need for proper firearm maintenance and lubrication

XF-7 Gun Grease Spray

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XF-7 Gun Grease Spray

XF-7 gun grease spray is part of the Gun Cleaning Kit that is for the serious shooters. This Bottle will last many applications due to the small amount that is needed to protect and lubricate. Our XF-7 spray grease is a unique grease and when sprayed on the firearm and left to air dry it will leave a thin layer of grease to protect your firearm to make cleaning simple. When your XF-7 Tak-Pac Gun Cleaning kit is empty refill with the single XF-7 Spray Grease.

  • 100 % Waterproof
  • Continuous Protection Up To 500 degrees
  • XF-7 Contains NO TEFLON
  • O-Ring Friendly
  • Triggers
  • BCG’s
  • External parts
  • Anywhere you need grease or lubrication.


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  • XF-7 is a truly water proof grease with extraordinary powers of lubrication and corrosion inhibition. 
  • Formulated specifically for use on modern weapons in adverse conditions of high temperature fresh and salt-water immersion and high cyclic rates. 
  • XF-7 provides continuous protection up to 500 degrees F and Short-term protection up to 600 degrees F 
  •  XF-7 will not run, drip or melt even when heated. Long after conventional oil or grease has melted and or boiled off, XF-7 is still right where you put it, lubricating and protecting your weapon for corrosion. 
  • XF-7 has been undergoing exhaustive field trials in Iraq, Afghanistan, Arizona, and the Artic. All trials have met with overwhelming success. 
  • XF-7 works in the widest range of temperatures and climates of any weapon grade lubricant currently available. XF-7 DOES NOT WASH OFF IN SALT WATER. Ideal for weapons used in marine environments. 
  • XF-7 has been used with total success on AR15/M16/M4 type weapons, .50 cal M2 Browning, HK91, FAL, SKS, AK, 1911A1, Beretta 92/M9, SIG 226, Rem 700, Winchester Mod. 70, and numerous other weapon systems. 
  • XF-7 contains no Teflon, so no hydrofluoric acid is created if it burns off, as happens with Teflon/PFTE lubes.
  •  XF-7 is clear amber, non-staining, non-toxic, and O-ring friendly. 
  • XF-7 will not attack rubber or polymers. 
  • XF-7 will not damage common firearm's finishes or other metal finishes. XF-7 cuts time spent gun cleaning, because it will not char or carbonize on metal surfaces. Most powder fouling wipes right off.

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36 reviews for XF-7 Gun Grease Spray

  1. Fernando Y

    I love this product! It has no strong chemical smell…as a matter of fact it smells like citrus! It lubricates very well and dries to a non oily finish. I used it on my shield when a rust spot started to appear on the slide and it stopped it from progressing. That’s pretty good for an EDC weapon being carried in the Florida heat!

  2. Peter G

    Bought at a gun show originally and liked the products very much. Recently found a local retailer for future purchases. Convenient 4 oz. spray is great

  3. Alan M

    Loving xf7 so far put 550 rounds down range in one session the another 200 in a short session and my gun was still well lived and still more testing but I think this is my new go to

  4. Johnny P

    This is my second order or you might say my spare order. I think enough of this product that I do not want to run short. When I start on this bottle, I will order another for backup. I just really like this products and do not want to be without some.

  5. Renato L

    The best gun oil

  6. Brant R

    Great great product and arrived super fast

  7. Frenando Y

    I LOVE this product!!! It lubricates, protects, and gives your weapon an awesome shine! No more weapons that are oily and leaves a residue on your hands. It repels moisture like a champ too! Been using it for about 5 years or so and I wouldn’t clean or protect my guns with anything else because they deserve the best! Nice orange scent that your significant other will not mind. No more cleaning weapons out in the garage for me! 🙂

  8. Ronald C

    Great Service , Great Product
    they have a customer for life

  9. Johnny P

    First let me say, this is the only lubricant I use on my pistols and revolvers. Once you get the surface cleaned, the application of the XF-7 is so simple. The best part is on the next cleaning. Just wipe off the carbon residue and reapply the XF-7. No additional cleaners needed (except for the bore cleaner). The best part about this 2 oz bottle is, it turned out to be a 4 oz bottle. Don’t know if that was by mistake or on purpose, but I appreciated the extra 2 oz’s. I highly recommend XF-7 Spray.

  10. Clint M

    Xf7 is a godsend , every MARINE on deployment should have access to this product. Apply before deployment and during and your weapon will remain in proper working order. This product doesnot attract dirt or sand , repels seawater and makes it very easy to clean weapon even after firing a 1000 rounds I was able to wipe away fouling without having to scrub my AR . WISH THEY MAD A BIGGER BOTTLE

  11. Gav

    Seems like really Good stuff, i really like how easy it is to use, and i’m looking forward to trying it out on more of my guns. I realize it is time and money out of XF-7’s pocket, but i would love to see some extensive adverse conditions testing with this stuff, particularly sand/dust. That being said, all the reviews i’ve heard have been amazing! I plan on buying more, might try out some hunter’s blend. thanks XF-7!

  12. Gooch

    I bought the kit on a lark at a gun show in Northern Virginia. I didn’t buy anything and it was about time to leave the show. The salesman wasn’t pushy at all. He handed me a pistol he’s sprayed. The metal had a nice feel to it. The film was present but unobtrusive. That was my impetus for buying.

    At home, I disassembled a pistol, sprayed the slide area with the liquid spray, let it dry, and assembled the pistol.

    I racked the slide and said Holy F*^%! It was greased lightning. I guarantee this to be fact; its lubricity is beyond reproach.

    But he also claimed the gun would clean-up faster. All my guns were clean so, next range visit I sprayed all my weapons with XF-7.

    Again, I can guarantee without compunction, they cleaned up in short order.

    Suffice it to say, I have a lot of guns and within a week, I was online ordering two more bottles. I use the liquid spray on everything, rifles, pistols, and revolvers.

    The kit also came with a bore cleaner. I’m not saying it doesn’t work but it’s too difficult to prove it’s any better than the bore cleaner you’re using or I’m using now.

    The kit also came with a syringe full of grease. It’s more viscous than say Permatex White lithium grease; about the same viscosity as petroleum jelly. I don’t use a lot of grease on my weapons. If it’s recommended by the manufacturer I’ll use it. A syringe is definitely a handy delivery system.

    On top of all that, you get a bore snake of your choice and a canvas pouch.

    I luv the stuff and sure am glad I decided to gamble on purchasing it.

    Lastly, not only have I been around guns a while, I’m an aircraft maintenance technician that’s been at it since 1978 and very familiar lubricants, solvents, what kind may be used depending on material, temperatures, and the associated application.

  13. George B

    Absolutely the best gun oil/lube I’ve ever used. Application is quick and easy. My AR loves this stuff!!!

  14. Michael B

    XF-7 is the best lube I have used in 50 years of shooting, to include 36 years as cop. It especially excels in hot weather. A shotgun or rifle, lubed with XF-7 will not lose it’s lubrication sitting in a hot patrol car rack in the Central Valley of California.

  15. Charles A

    Works great. Spray it on, let it dry, and your good.

  16. Michael H

    Ruger 10/22 receiver was not ejecting shells consistently.
    Sprayed a little XF-7 on it and it fixed the problem

  17. Robert C

    XF-7 Spray is an excellent product. It smells much better than most gun lubricants and provides superior protection for firearms without leaving a sticky residue.

  18. Mike B

    Great stuff. Works as advertised!

  19. Hal M

    XF-7 spray gun lubricant is the best I have found for lubricatinng high use firearms. I have a sixty steel target hunting simulation course. We use a battery of Marlin 1895 lever actions and several single shot and bolt action rifles to shoot the course. All of the rifles see hard rigorous use and need frequent cleaning due to the dusty environment. XF-7 spray lube goes on easily and penetrates to all parts of the rifles. After the liquid carrier evaporates the grease is left behind in a very thin layer that does not hold dust and dirt at all. Metal wear on the firearms has been nearly eliminated internally. Externally the metal wears where the gun is carried from the dusty environment but the XF-7 residue on the external surfaces has prevented rusting in the wear areas. The occasional rain the the guns are exposed to during shooting the course does not wash off the XF-7 lubricant. I wish I had found this product long ago as it does a better job of protecting guns than anything else I have tried.
    Hal M.

  20. Philip S

    Absolutely the best lube I have ever used. Love the citrus smell and the protection it gives my firearms. Works FANTASTIC for slide lube on pistols.

    I think I’ll try the bore cleaner, I like the lube so much.

  21. Par H

    Can’t say enough good stuff about this . Looks great! I use it for all my guns.. even works great on bicycle chains.

  22. Robert C

    Best I’ve ever used.

  23. Neil C

    Best product i have ever used my fire arms have never run so smooth and have never been so easy to clean.

  24. Bradford Wilson

    This spray XF-7 spray is the best in my Opinion,as I have many Revolvers and Pistols.Easy to apply and I use this every time I clean these firearms.

  25. Juan B

    It is a great lubricant and the spray is awesome. With the spray you can get it into all the little places that you normally cannot get into

  26. James K

    I was first introduced to your product at a local sportsman’s show. I use your product on all my firearms and knives. It does a particularly good job on the action of my 1911. It last a long time and I have never had a problem with temperature extremes causing gumming or malfunctions. I take apart and clean my magazines with a the lubricant. One thing I should mention is that you only need a light application as a little goes a long way and lasts a long time. I am a fan and will use your product for years to come. Bravo to the XF-7 Folks.

  27. Emery B

    I was first introduced to this product a few years back at the pa gun show at the farm show complex in Harrisburg pa. I bought a combo pack then. but since then I lost the spray grease while moving. I absolutely love this product!!!!!! I searched everywhere online for it because I forgot the name of it. FINALLY have found it again!

  28. William H

    I have been around 1911 .45’s for 63 years I have used different cleaning and oiling products and XF-7 is the best . Wipe your gun down and touch it you can feel the XF-7 but you don’t leave finger prints.

  29. John C

    Been using XF-7 for about a year. My guns operate smoothly and look great. Smells good too! Highly recommend this product.

  30. Brian W

    This is the best gun lubricant I have ever used!

  31. George B

    Great products. Starting using this stuff a few years ago and I love it!!! Makes gun cleaning so much easier after you start using it. Liquid grease works wonders on finicky ARs. This stuff is just plain awesome!!

  32. Barry P

    As I said before I use your bore cleaner first and for a finishing touch I use xf7 on a swab and have not had any issues what so ever. Also when I go and clean the barrels they all come out clean as a whiisle . I use your product on all my firearms thus far.

  33. Makares Theoi

    Bought it at a gun show, really thought it was snake oil, but I’d give it a try. Was unbelievably surprised at how good it works. It is my go to lube for every part of the firearm including a patch full down a cleaned barrel. Seems to make the next cleaning easier.

  34. LM C

    My brother puts it on his Christmas list every year.

  35. John ANTOS (verified owner)

    im a retired policeman and im very happy and impressed how great this product is, i will always use this product.

  36. Bradley Gaston (verified owner)

    Hands down, the best! Working on a brand new Hellcat, which is one of the stiffest handguns I can recall. Clean it well, sprayed on the XF-7 and used the tube grease on the slides. 100% improvement! User is older with bad wrists. He could rack it easily after the clean and lube. He gave me 100 round to run thru it, next week at the range. Love this stuff. If my people want my opinion, I highly suggest XF-7.

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