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XF-7 Gun Grease

XF-7 is a high quality waterproof grease with extraordinary lubrication and corrosion capabilities.  XF-7 Gun Cleaning Kits provide all you need for proper firearm maintenance and lubrication

Bore Cleaner

(26 customer reviews)


: $30.00

XF-7 Bore Gun Cleaner

The superior cleaning of the XF-7 Bore Cleaner will leave your bore cleaner than ever. The AntiCorrosive properties allows you to leave the XF-7 in your barrel after cleaning, this will provide you with corrosion protection, No need to re-oil the barrel after cleaning. The non-toxic malodorous formula allows indoor use with no risk to your health

  1. Superior Cleaning
  2. Non-Toxic
  3. Safe On All Finishes (Polymers too)
  4. Anti-Corrosive
  5. No Odor

XF-7 Gun Cleaner For The Bore

The XF-7 Gun Cleaner for the bore will keep the gun barrel clean and free from harmful buildup.  The anti-corrosive properties will neutralize corrosive powder while preventing rust inside the barrel.  The Non-Toxic specially formulated Bore gun cleaner is mild on your skin and does not smell.  These feature allow use indoors without risk to your health.  Xf-7 Bore Gun Cleaner can be used to break in a new barrel because we do not use ammonia in any of our products.

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Bore Cleaner

26 reviews for Bore Cleaner

  1. TheFallingHammer

    Amazing non toxic cleaner. I spray on, let sit for 5 mins and wipe off. I forgot what scrubbing parts is like..

  2. Peter G

    Have used two other brands of bore cleaner recently. Cleaned the same gun again (without firing it) with your XF-7 bore cleaner and got the BLACKEST patches ever through the barrel ! ! Great product.

  3. Frenando Y

    Works great with no strong chemical smell and not hard on skin. I am happy with it and will continue to use it.

  4. Johnny P

    With the low odor of this product I was really amazed at how well it works. I just spray the boar with the boar cleaner and let it set for about 5 minutes, then run a brass brush through the boar about 5-10 times, depending on how much carbon has built up, then I run a wet patch through the boar a couple of times, and finish with a couple of dry patches. That’s it. Next time you clean the boar, the carbon will almost all wipe out with a dry patch. Not sure how it works on lead or copper, but it works great on carbon.

  5. Johnny P

    This is my second order or you might say my spare order. I think enough of this product that I do not want to run short. When I start on this bottle, I will order another for backup. I just really like this products and do not want to be without some.

  6. Fernando Y

    Great cleaner that doesn’t have a strong chemical smell. You barely smell it at all and it WORKS GREAT!

  7. Johnny P

    I find this to be an excellent cleaner for carbon removal. There is no harsh order so my wife lets me clean my guns in the kitchen. I would highly recommend the XF-7 Bore Cleaner.

  8. Donald G

    All natural outstanding best bore cleaner I’ve used hands down destroys and carbon fouling or build up

  9. Raymond R

    I love the XF-7 products. Use them on all of my weapons.

  10. Braulio M

    Awesome Cleaner!!

  11. George B

    This cleaner works great. All I do is spray down a bore snake and pull it through a few times and PRESTO, all clean. Love that I don’t have to oil the barrel after using this bore cleaner. Just leave it in. Great product!!

  12. Charles A

    It works wonderfully, cleans bores with only a few swipes or pulls of the snake.

  13. Sanford S

    Hard to believe until you have tried this bore cleaner
    No odor and cleans better than anything I have tried in forty
    years. My trap shotgun loves it, my pistols love it.
    Great product. Thanks.

  14. Stanley B

    XF-7 is among the top 3 bore cleaners I’ve used in 58+ years of shooting sidearms and rifle but has the advantage of being more than cost competitive and odor free. Definitely would buy again and urge others to try a bottle

  15. Michael H

    Either the rifle wasn’t as dirty as I thought or this stuff is crazy good. Sprayed a little on the brush to loosen things up. Ran a bore snake through and it came out pretty clean. Ran a bore patch through and it was still white. Works for me and doesn’t smell.

  16. Richard D

    Great Cleaner!! One or 2 squirts & it removes heavy residue.

  17. Brian C

    Hands down the best firearm care products. The bore cleaner handles everyday post use cleanings as well as clean ups if I’ve “let it sit” for a while! Won’t use anything else

  18. Alan P

    Works great!. Love the snake

  19. John F

    Best product on the market.If you have not used this product,l encourage one to do so.It is exceptional at removing old Carbon deposits,corrosive salt residue and other contaminants that have been left behind.This has become the ONLY bore cleaner I will ever use again.wish it came in larger quantities.To you at XF -7 :JOB WELL DONE

  20. Peter A.P.

    Just used the Bore Cleaner to remove powder residue on my semi-auto magazine tube, which I always found it to be the hardest to clean.
    No problem at all, excellent results with very little effort.

  21. Robert C

    Best I’ve ever used.

  22. Billy R

    This stuff works and doesn’t smell, unlike a popular name brand, the smell of which my wife doesn’t like.

  23. Frederick V

    This stuff works very well. I used it as my “break in” cleaner on my precision 308 cal rifle. Not ammonia issues to deal with and the carbon cleats out easy.

  24. John F

    Best bore cleaner on the especially for military firearms. Love the dropper cap.Much better than the spray

  25. John F

    This is a product that should set industry exceptionally well on corrosive ammo.cuts carbon like a hot knife through butter.It simply is the best out there and I will not use anything g else

  26. John F

    This is one product that will stand head’s up on any product on the market being without this bore cleaner especially when using corrosive ammo is just plain stupid

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